Real Life vs Slow Life

If everyone posted the actuality of their lives to social media, suffice to say the results would be mind-numbingly mundane. No one wants to see your bowl of budget muesli or partake in your weekly grocery shopping of tampons and baked beans. However, if you casually go whip up a bowl of organically grown, high in flax seed, chia seed, and gluten free quinoa porridge blend with perfectly symmetrical raspberries arranged in a painful monument atop, or your daily fresh veggie shop complete with romanesco, samphire and jerusalem artichokes, in your #blessed life, then get ready for the cyber jealousy of the people who don’t realise that like most social media platforms Instagram is merely an exaggeration of real life.

Thai photographer, Chompoo Baritone, is calling bullshit on all of your aesthetically pleasing lies in his satirical photo series  ‘Slow Life’. Originally posted to his Facebook (in Thai, so all presumptions are legit according to google translate…), the series show the double meaning of Instagram posts that essentially make you feel super shitty about your own non tumblr-eske life. Combining an original post, filter and all, with the images original REALISTIC setting reinforces the idea that no ones life is as beautifully curated as they want you to believe.

1538943_1050007551685903_8339151927131980079_n 11988563_1050009671685691_1839191658877035047_n

10247507_1050005731686085_5913099579366268604_n 11987181_1050006695019322_7766242695765799438_n

10858589_1050009968352328_6936462362531644900_n 11947677_1050011978352127_7399470153541347259_n

11219677_1050009668352358_7302272777368942973_n 11954704_1050011711685487_4520934220758141842_n

11225403_1050005855019406_7398471946415760243_n 11924259_1050006725019319_6929637468323987838_n

11924289_1050006431686015_1642098860876770178_n 11987088_1050008288352496_4033403925235404629_n

11938004_1050008895019102_1654055069913068828_n  11949498_1050010351685623_8245949319597672738_n

11986351_1050007215019270_3077630676951945673_n 11059938_1050009415019050_3519345364856316757_n

Take my Instagram for example, while I am not guilty of an excessive hashtag game, I am known to post a photo in a narcissistic manner because when it comes down to it, it’s all just a numbers game of jealousy, right? Most of my photos were taken at real times, doing real (often stupid) things. Whether I post them at that particular moment or later on when I am rocking my sweats in bed with a bag of malteasers and can deliberate of the PERFECT filter is when the unrealistic nature comes in. Plus I want everyone back in my hometown to think that I am absolutely killing it at life, as opposed to the aforementioned sweats and bag of malteasers scenario.

Or look at new parents. Photo after photo of wrinkly little mini people snoozing away, looking serene as they have their first bath or rocking some overpriced baby Nikes. The photos you don’t see are the red in the face inconsolable screams, the disgruntled grimace as they destroy surface after surface with their curry like crap or the rest of the living space that was not included in the ‘sleeping on a sheepskin’ photo.

Social media could even be considered the new problem area for unrealistic expectations embedded into the minds of tech savvy generations. Teens (actually most people) are perusing profiles wondering why their pout isn’t that on point, their ass can’t pop like that or teenybopper salaries can’t afford the lifestyle they want to show. Newsflash: it isn’t real. It is a photoshopped version of peoples lives, literally. Celebrities have even been caught out photoshopping photos for Instagram *cough* Kardashians *cough*.

Instagram is not a realistic platform to showcase yourself. It is the place individuals show a curated, manicured and very tiny aspect of themselves and their lives. There ain’t nothing wrong with that, just as long as you understand that:
a) primarily the images you envy have been stylised, curated, filtered, warped, whatever, to make it look more appealing
b) yes, it is a powerful promotion tool but it is also a platform for pessimistic people life myself to get up on my high horse and judge you unfairly, while I then go and hypocritically post a #selfie
c) no one has a pout like Kylie Jenner, not even Kylie Jenner.

Gram on my friends, just be weary.

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