Get your wallets out. And buy these. For me.

Christmas is quite a while away. However, if the local stores feel the need to shove the stressful hyper consumption holiday in my face then I will continue on in the Christmas spirit but pre-emptively compiling a list of books I want you to buy me.

Desire: New Erotic Photography
by Patrick Remy
desire-new-erotic-photography-patrick-remy 81L5xtrwDEL
This delightful compilation of over 30 new and established photographers expressing themselves through aesthetically blessed (usually scantily clad) beauties is effectively the physical counterpart of my tumblr feed and pointer folders. Each photographer takes the intimate theme of erotic photography to portray a sub theme of their own. Evan Baden explores sex, intimacy and privacy amongst youth culture, David Bellemere rocks some 70s vibes to celebrate the female shape, and Ana Kras captures those accidental in-between moments.

Skateisan – The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan
edited by Jim Fitzpatrick
01 36
Simply put, Skateisan is a non-profit organisation bringing empowerment and opportunities via skateboarding. Not so simply put, the award winning organisation was founded by Australian skater Oliver Percovich in Kabul back in 2007. Fast forward two years and the all inclusive skatepark was completed and Afghanistan’s first ever skate school was born. The foundation brings together the youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds and not only teaches them a kicks sport but also teaches them to value community values like ownership, trust, creativity, respect and equality, particularly the importance that is place on gender equality. So this book is a glorious 320 page publication featuring images, essays, interviews and personal stories detailing the trials and tribulations of the directly involved individuals and all proceeds go straight back into the organisation to continue building and growing.

People of the Twenty-First Century
by Hans Eijkelboom
This book was conceptualised and constructed over the course of two decades by Dutch conceptual artists slash street photographer Hans Eijkelboom. As an avid people watcher myself, Eijkelbooms book speaks my language. The man would sit and observe busy intersections for long stints at a time and pick up on common aesthetics and behavioural types that keep cropping up; from band tees and couples holding hands a particular way, to women in suit dresses and men with overly slicked back hair. The end product is completely mesmerised and you go through the pages and visually see the monotony of consumerism delivered in such a simple and effective way. Fascinating.

The Notebooks
by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Larry Warsh
Trying to understand the inner workings of the creative people I admire is something that always takes up think space in my brain and as someone who constantly carries around ratty composition books filed with useless scribblings and doodles, the ratty composition books of othersĀ tends to give me a lovely little insight into their minds. Sparse and simple, the notebooks of Basquiat seem like page after page of random little ideas that popped into his head at any possible moment. Some make sense, some not so. Regardless, they are all brilliant.

Psychiatric Tales
by Darryl Cunningham
After borrowing this from the local library it became immediately understood that I had to have my own copy to constantly shove in peoples faces and demand that they read. The author, Darryl Cunningham, uses his insight and knowledge from working as a health care assistant on an acute psychiatric ward, and nifty penmanship to create a harrowing but fear dispelling comic series. Mental illnesses are commonly surrounded by stigmas and misunderstandings and commonly in society, when something is not fully understood we tend to sweep it under the carpet or simply look the other way. Cunningham has broken up the book into segments addressing dementia, self harm, depression, personality disorders and how individuals with mental illness can in fact enrich our lives rather than hinder them. The graphic novel is astute, honest and about to be a part of my library.

Feature image // Desire: New Erotic Photography

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