HAIM cover Tame Impala. Ears rejoice worldwide.

Mega babes covering the music of other mega babes. What could be awesome.
I have brought it to attention before my personal enjoyment of covers (check: Friday Tunes: Covers) as a) i hold a great level of respect for people are able to comfortably put themselves out there creatively and b) to take something else that someone else has created and add an element of their own emotion and personality to essentially create a whole different outlook. Mind you, my loving rapport with covers does not extend to the majority of Youtube ripoffs. It is held for people who tick both a and b.

With that in mind HAIM recently played their rendition of ‘Cause I’m a Man from Tame Impalas impressive new album Currents (released July 2015) on BBC Radio 1. The original is dubbed the highlight of the stellar album with it’s slow flowing catchy beats, poppy bass lines and warped falsetto vocals.
With the lyric theme in mind, it might seem odd for a female trio to cover a song that appears to be be about a man trying to explain or even justify his shithouse decisions, my bets are on cheating, but who knows, they could have just chosen to cover it because the end result is beautiful.
If this is the case I am going to straight up ignore it and choose to think they covered it as a ‘taking back the strength’ outlook. Almost like how many women recognise and attempt to take back the word cunt to disperse the negative connotations.
Maybe it’s to call bullshit on when a man tries to justify cheating with lines like ‘I’m a man, woman, don’t always think before I do’.
Or maybe calling attention an elimination of gender and the fact that ‘I’m a human, human, a greater force I answer to’.

Maybe I’m trying to read into it too much. But i have to think that Danielles vocals kinda pack a bit of punch more than just a simple cover for ‘pretty music’ reasons.

Check it out

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