Stereo Saturated

DC Shoes and modern day Evil Knievel Robbie Maddison dropped the much anticipated trailer to their three year collaboration which allows, follows and documents the 34-year-old Australian motocross rider turn general physics defier as he blows minds. This cinematic instalment will show Maddison become the Jesus of dirt biking as he trades in solid land for water. Casually riding around Tahiti and then dropping into some absolute bombs thanks to some kind of mini ski contraptions added around the bikes wheels.

If you blatantly ignore the negative impacts this breakthrough will have on the ocean and its symbiotic relationships of its inhabitants it is pretty mind blowing.

Whats even more mind-blowing in my opinion is the original scores created by LA based music producer Erik Groysman. Broken up into three parts; Tahiti, Torque and Nature, the impact of the music alone is breathtaking.

Tahiti is the build up which ends with rapid tribal-eske drumming to get the blood boiling. Torque is the highlight with its bouncing bass and rickety beats. So catchy and damn bloody cool with its pauses and cliff hanging mini build ups. The Nature finishes it off with the tonal version of a cinematic build up on par with a helicopter blowing up slow motion.

All together the three are strong, however Torque leaves me wanting more. At only 1 minute 22 seconds it is simply not enough. Give me more Groysman.

Check out the rest of his productions on his Soundcloud under Stereo Saturated.

Feature image // Redbull

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