Major Bill for Major!

While the Abbott Government has been on a merciless arts slashing rampage, notably in the Federal Budget revealed in May of 2014 where approximately 100m was to be cut over 4 year, and artists throughout London are being evicted from their studios like out of season swimsuits into the sale bucket, New York is singing a different tune.

The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, voiced music to many individuals ears at his State of the City speech earlier in February.

‘We know that New York is the city it is today in part because of the contributions from generations of artistic visionaries who are one point struggled to make ends meet,’ he said angelically. ‘So we’ll provide 1500 units of affordable live/work housing for the artists and musicians who make New York culture so vibrant……as well as 500 dedicated affordable workspaces for the cultural community.’

‘These folk bring joy to everyday New Yorkers; and inspire young people to pursue their natural talents in professions that often don’t promise a big paycheck. They also help make our city a mecca for tourists, and are one of the reasons why a record number of people – 56.4 million – visited New York last year.

Mayor Bill has not only promised a light at the end of the miserably dark tunnel that in housing prices in New York for artists and creative individuals but also for army veterans and senior citizens.

Oh Mayor Bill, put on that Batman suit* and the image is complete.

* we all know Gotham City is Manhattan

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