Girl crush: Thelma Plum

I love music. I particularly love Australian music. The fact that it is kick-ass helps to draw this emotion out but also the aspect of living overseas seems to heighten the levels of patriotic pride.

The most recent think on reply on Thelma Plum. I even switched from Spotify to Youtube where my deep rooted eyebrow envy can be visually soothed as she swoons me with her live renditions of EP favourites.

The young Brisbane native has a few wins to name; Triple J Unearthed 2012, New Talent of the Year at the Indigenous Music Awards in 2013 and a bunch of song writing competitions, these and the fact that she fan-girls over Paul Kelly. What a trooper.

A particular favourite is the single ‘Young in Love’ from her newest EP Monsters. The album recording is narrowly topped by the live recording from Pilerats which is then narrowly topped by the Like a Version recording. Lyrically it is youthful and sweet while dripping of heartache, bitter nostagic love suffocating you as you listen. It hits a nerve for me. For one reason it resonates and another the jealous filled stomach lurch that i could probably never pen something so honestly and concise as she has.

// Feature image take from Thelma Plums Instagram – @thelmaplum

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